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1What is Complete Dentistry?
Complete Dentistry refers to a concern about the total health of our patients. First we need a complete health history. This is followed by a thorough evaluation of the teeth, the tissues of the mouth and the gums (periodontal tissues). The TMJ’s (temporomandibular joints) are also evaluated. After comprehensively evaluating the total masticatory system any necessary treatment is discussed and explained in detail. Questions regarding any findings are always welcomed.
2What is Occlusal Disease?
Occlusal disease is a condition caused by disharmony in the bite. The bite refers to how the upper and lower teeth fit when one just closes together as well when the teeth function as in chewing.

Occlusal disease is an often overlooked and sometimes “silent” oral disease that many patients dismiss as “natural aging” or wearing of teeth. In reality, occlusal disease is an unbalanced bite that can at best wear and damage your teeth and at worst, contribute to eventual tooth loss and/or debilitating TMJ disorders.

In much the same way as a set of tires that are not aligned properly wear faster and do not perform optimally, an unbalanced bite can lead to excessive and abnormally accelerated tooth wear.

If the teeth get too much or uneven pressure when they come together, this can lead to occlusal disease. Occlusal disease can cause many symptoms:

1. Worn teeth
2. Sensitive teeth: to pressure, hot and cold
3. Teeth breaking or fracturing
4. Muscle disharmony (soreness, spasm, and pain)
5. Sore teeth
6. Loose teeth
7. TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorders)
8. Headaches
3Why is a Comprehensive Exam Important?
Many conditions can be caught and diagnosed early thus preventing more complex problems.

1. The oral cancer exam is extremely important. An example is the value of early detection.
2. Periodontal (gum disease). An exam of the gum tissues is an important factor in insuring longevity of the teeth.
3. Early detection of dental caries (tooth decay) can prevent pain and tooth loss.
4. Bite analysis and evaluation is a must to achieve long term dental health and preventing occlusal disease.
4What can be done to make dental treatment more comfortable?
It’s important for Drs’ Lindner and Alpert and staff to know about any unpleasant or bad experiences you may have had in the past as a patient. Your comfort is very important to us. Together we can plan ways to help you have a pleasant experience with your dental treatment.
5What is “Holding Program” dentistry?
A thorough and complete exam is always necessary to determine the appropriate treatment.

In some cases, due to health restrictions, time restraints or cost issues the total treatment required cannot be done in a given time. It’s extremely important, when possible; to do the basic treatment needed to keep conditions from worsening. Hence a “Holding Program” in many instances can be planned. Sometimes the treatment can be staged over several years.

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