Attention: Non-insured Patients

Need dental care but can't afford the high cost?

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Hi, my name is Dr. Lindner from Create Dental Harmony.

Quality dental care can cost a fortune without insurance...

... but it doesn't have to be that way.

There Is an Alternative

That's why I've created a specific solution just for YOU.

Now you and your family can get the quality dental care you deserve at a fraction of the cost... even without traditional dental insurance...

Find Out How Much You Can Save

... and a chance to win free teeth whitening for life!

Introducing the

Create Dental Harmony Membership Club


Quality Dental Care Without Insurance

You Get:

  • Two dental cleanings
  • Doctor exams, including emergencies
  • All necessary X-rays
  • Discounts on any needed treatments, including cosmetic dentistry
  • No deductibles, no yearly max, and no exclusions
"I feel welcomed. The staff is amazing. When you walk in the door, you feel like you are the most important thing in this office."


Frequently Asked Questions

1 What forms of payment are accepted?
All forms of credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
2When can I start using my membership?
Your membership is effective immediately!
3How do I schedule my preventive care?
Simply call our office and setup an appointment for yourself or your family members.
4How can I use my Member Exclusive discount for restorative, elective or cosmetic treatment?
Simply schedule an appointment with our office and be sure to tell us you’re a member. When you arrive, we’ll make sure your membership is “current” and you will be eligible for instant savings off our regular fees.
5How much do I pay to sign up for my club membership?
You’ll pay only the Lifetime Activation fee to join. This fee includes your first month’s membership dues.
6Can I add members to my account?
Absolutely! Your entire family can join.
7Can I transfer my membership to another dentist?
Your club membership is solely with our office and as such is non-transferable. If you move to another area, you may cancel your membership at any time.
8How can I check on the status of my account?
Login to your Member Portal and look under Account Members. You’ll see the status of each member above his/her name.
9 What information is required for me to sign up for my club membership?
An email address for receipts, credit or debit card, full name, address, phone and date of birth.

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New Members Receive Free Whitening for Life!

Find Out How Much You Can Save

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Create Dental Harmony Membership Club

Find Out How Much You Can Save

... and a chance to win free teeth whitening for life!

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