Dental Bridges in Greenville, SC

A dental bridge is several crowns that are connected and serve to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Many people at one point or another lose a tooth or teeth they weren’t supposed to. This can be due to other dental issues or more commonly an accident. Missing teeth can have a quite the impact on ever day life, often making it difficult to chew or eat properly. In addition, your remaining teeth could shift and create “pockets” where bacteria can collect and lead to many unwanted dental and overall health issues.

What are the Reasons for a fixed bridge?

  • Permanent Solution

  • Replace Missing Teeth

  • Fill Extra Space

  • Prevent Tooth Shift

  • Restore Functionality

  • Restore Cosmetic Appeal

What does getting a fixed bridge involve?

The process for the preparation and placement of a fixed bridge will usually take two visits to the dentist. The first visit is typically for the preparation of the teeth, and the second for the placement and the adjustments necessary to balance and get the perfect fit.

  • Local anesthesia will be administered to the area to be treated to insure your comfort.
  • If the teeth are severely worn down, Dr.Lindner will build them up with a material to give it a strong foundation to support the bridge. The teeth will then be prepared and shaped the necessary thickness to allow for the custom fabricated bridge.
  • Once the teeth have been reshaped, Dr.Lindner takes an impression of the anchor teeth, and the surrounding teeth, to make sure that the resulting bridge will blend with the correct bite.
  • These impressions will become the basis for the fabrication of the fixed bridge in our on-site dental laboratory.
  • A temporary fixed bridge will be fabricated and fit to the teeth to be worn by the patient during the time the fixed bridge is made. Digital high resolution photos will be taken to record the proper color.
  • When the fixed bridge is finished, Dr.Lindner will remove the temporary bridge and check the color and fit of the permanent fixed bridge.
  • Once the fixed bridge is checked for fit and matches the natural teeth the fixed bridge will be permanently bonded into place and balanced to fit.

All of our fixed bridges are handcrafted by our ceramist in our on-site dental laboratory to give you a beautiful aesthetic result. Whether supported by teeth or implants, fixed bridges offer a life-like appearance, fully restore your chewing surfaces, and enhance your overall dental esthetics.

If you’re considering a fixed bridge in Greenville, SC please feel free to call our office for an emergency dentist Greenville SC at 864-233-4166 for more information or to schedule your New Patient Experience.

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