Dr. Lindner discusses the Dental Bite On Fox News


There is a critical part of dentistry that is very rarely discussed.

It has become obvious to me that this is one of the most overlooked aspects of dentistry today. I state this after many years of treating hundreds of patients. I’m beginning to see and hear more and more about this issue. Dentists that have done the appropriate study know the importance of the dental bite. A balanced dental bite is the most important aspect of dentistry to generate health, comfort and good function for a lifetime.

What is the dental bite?

This is the way the teeth fit together with the many variations of movement. These stress variations may cause many issues that interfere with the comfort and lifespan of the teeth. Anytime any dentistry is needed such as fillings, crowns, restorations or cosmetic dentistry, it is critical to make necessary bite records to analyze any problems prior to any treatment. It is important to us that we listen to any questions and concerns you may have. All of this is explained in great detail at your consultation .

Do you have an uncomfortable or painful bite?

This can lead to headaches, sensitive teeth and broken teeth. A bad bite can also cause headaches and facial pain. My life has been dedicated to finding these issues that my patients may have. We then treat these issues so that we create comfort. This is a situation of balance that we refer to as Dental Harmony. This is the harmony between the way the teeth fit, the health of the tissue’s around the teeth and the critical areas of the TMJ joints.


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