Patient Coordinator – Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rollins

I first pursued my interest in Dentistry by attending the Dental Assisting Program offered at Greenville Technical College. It’s actually amazing that I took this route in my life as I really did not like going to my dentist. Maybe that’s why I have not only sympathy for my patients but empathy as well. I first met Dr Alpert while I was doing my clinical rotations at the Free Dental Clinic in Greenville. I was pleasantly surprised when I went on my first job interview after graduating. The man who walked in to greet me was Dr. Alpert.


I started working in Dr. Alpert’s office behind the scenes, primarily in the lab. I learned the importance of comprehensive records and study models. I also learned how to make provisionals and bite appliances as well.

Soon after, I began assisting Dr. Alpert chairside, working on all aspects of Restorative Dentistry. Over the last thirty years, I have gained vast experience in all aspects of dentistry. In the past 20 years I have been more involved in the area of Patient Coordination and treatment planning. In 2010 Dr.Alpert sold his practice to Dr. Lindner. It has been a pleasure working with both of my Drs. in their relentless pursuit of dental excellence and patient care.

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