T-SCAN® 8 (TekScan) New Advances in Achieving Bite Harmony and Balance

Bite Harmony and Balance are the most important factors in determining the lifetime longevity of natural teeth. Bite Harmony and Balance help prevent loose teeth, tooth grinding, wear, broken teeth, and muscle spasms ( a leading cause of TMJ disorders ,headaches, facial and neck pain ).

Naturally, Bite Harmony becomes extremely important in any dental procedure. Implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures are among those treatments that require careful attention to Bite Harmony.

Over many years we have pursued any possible clue to enhance our methods of achieving Bite Harmony.

One of the most advanced tools for conducting bite analysis is the T-SCAN® 8 (TekScan). The T-SCAN is a small hand held device which quickly analyzes the bite and displays the information on a computer. TekScan is a world leader in creating pressure mapping and force measurement devices for industry and for the medical field.

The use of a computerized bite sensor is proving to be an extremely useful addition to our Bite Harmony methods. The T-SCAN allows us to precisely measure the relative biting forces, including occlusal force, timing and location of forces on individual teeth as well as the exact distribution of forces among all of the teeth.

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